Like all great ideas, DentalFriend started as Dr Amit & Dr Bhumika were inspired through oral health care needs of the community in 2018 and wondered about the identification of a Dental Problem at the reach of a smart phone till the patient reaches the Dentist for Treatment. That’s when they took help of Artificial Intelligence.

When technology was up to the task of building a Dental Disease identifying app that would work anywhere on Earth, DentalFriend became a reality With over thousands+ images in our database, DentalFriend is currently using Machine Learning technology and artificial intelligence to help anyone, anywhere, identify any Dental Disease on planet Earth!

Here at DentalFriend we’ve managed to create a system that allows you to upload a photo and instantly get detailed information of the snapped tooth with no guesswork or human interaction involved. We want to create the connection between people and their Dental Health and between a Patient and a Dentist. Because we believe technology is the answer, we created DentalFriend as the digital interface to bring people and health together.

Dr Amit Kumar

Dr Bhumika K. Badiyani

As the founders of DentalFriend, Dr Amit Kumar and Dr Bhumika K. Badiyani have done their Masters in Public Health Dentistry. They are Clinical practitioners based in Mumbai, India. They have received Gold Medal for the excellence in their academic Careers. They have been serial entrepreneurs and have started their Scientific Dental Journals which help aspiring researchers to publish their valuable articles. Also their love for Community Awareness has let them to make Limca Book of Records and other World Records in Mass Education. They are active in Teaching, have their Textbooks and are authors of more than 100 Publications. Their Mission is to bring a change in the World and DentalFriend is their Problem Solving Answer that is , making Community aware of their Dental Problems.


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We are continuously working to improve DentalFriend and one of the most important aspects is creating a better database, so you are just as much a part of our team as the developers are!