DentalFriend uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to identify Dental Diseases in its database. Furthermore, as users submit their photos with suggestions, the technology “learns” to recognize more types of Dental Diseases.
DentalFriend accepts both new photos and photos from your gallery! Just make sure your photos are in-focus.
In order for the app to identify images, yes, your mobile device must be connected to the Internet.  However, if you are somewhere without a connection but would like to identify a plant, simply take the photo and save them to your gallery.  When able to connect to the Internet, simply upload the photo into the app!
Did you click “allow” when you were going through the walkthrough? DentalFriend needs access to your camera and gallery in order to function. Go to settings, privacy, photos and make sure DentalFriend is turned ON. It’s most probably OFF now and needs to be set to ON.
Long press any image in then a prompt message for editing and deleting the image will show up. You can edit or delete accordingly.
This is a problem with the photo you took. If the species you are trying to identify is currently trained into our algorithm, the DentalFriend success rate is 80%. DentalFriend requires closeup photos of the teeth or nearby hard or soft tissues. Please watch the instructional video, read the directions on the camera screen on the app. Please also check our Social Media page for examples. You can also email to us the photos you are trying to identify and we will help you learn to use the app properly at :